[wp-hackers] WordPress Backup Sob Stories

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Mon Jul 18 16:28:33 GMT 2005

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Lorelle, backing up the databases is one thing. Anybody whose host does not
> mirror the home directory overnight is not worth doing business with. The
> exception is when the user has a very high speed connection or can set up a
> cron job to fetch back-ups at nighttime (if the connection speed is low).

I started this whole thing, along with writing the original guides for 
people. This was done due to a very high level of questions in the 
forums - it wasn't done for fun :) And answering those questions time 
after time gets really tedious.
This thing is user-led, and we cater for all users.

Remember as well that people may want to move hosts, create a dupe blog 
for testing, move their blog inside their machine. There are other 
reasons apart from a crash that people may want a backup to work with.

This is not a bad thing.


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