[wp-hackers] User Capabilities

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Mon Jul 18 01:58:09 GMT 2005

Michael D Adams wrote:
> On Jul 17, 2005, at 3:54 PM, Owen Winkler wrote:
>> No, this resolves to the general capability 'edit_posts'.  Just 
>> remember to pass the post ID as a second parameter to the 
>> current_user_can() function, like:
>> current_user_can('edit_posts', $post_id)
> Do you mean 'edit_posts' or 'edit_post'  (plural or singular)?  It seems 
> 'edit_post' is the the meta capability we're looking for here.
> --Michael

Yeah, what's that all about?  It's "edit_post" not "edit_posts".  That 
is, with "edit_post" supply a post ID, as if to ask "current user can 
edit post #4?"

Asking "current user can edit posts #4" makes less sense.


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