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David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
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Well, that might work in certain cases.  IF your images aren't the draw to 
your site, then maybe.  And if you aren't a biz/pro user.

If you have a site that's all about images you can't find elsewhere (I 
dunno, a nature photographer, wedding photographer, something like that), 
you'd maybe sprinkle a few images to flickr or something as 'advertising'. 
OR, you could push some low-res versions out around, keep the ultra high-res 
for yourself.  (I'm working on a design for a astronomy photographer, and 
the bandwidth issues are huge for the hi-res imagery...).

There are probably a dozen 'free image hosting' sites out there.  For people 
who don't care, most of them don't have any of the restrictions flickr 
might, but a few of them push their own advertising on image-view pages.


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> BTW, someone should also mention the following valuable resource:  Flickr. 
> If you use Flickr to link your popular / large images, or just link all 
> images on policy, or even write a silly plugin to upload non-linked images 
> to flickr and rewrite them, you will never have to worry about regular 
> bandwidth costs again.
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