[wordpress] Re: [wp-hackers] Forum post: Huge server hits

Elliott Bäck ecb29 at cornell.edu
Thu Jul 14 04:52:57 GMT 2005

BTW, someone should also mention the following valuable resource:  
Flickr.  If you use Flickr to link your popular / large images, or just 
link all images on policy, or even write a silly plugin to upload 
non-linked images to flickr and rewrite them, you will never have to 
worry about regular bandwidth costs again.

Elliott C. Bäck


Mark Ghosh wrote:

> Can we, as a group, establish some benchmark guidelines and then, 
> according to those guidelines, provide benchmarks from our own servers 
> with our live blogs? This would give everyone a chance to weigh in, 
> provide real world metrics and might be useful in the long run.
> Anyone willing to be the torch bearer on this one (be responisble for 
> maintaining the guidelines and the data)?
> I can dig up (I think) the apachebench script that I had used to 
> bechmark WP-Cache at one time.
> Mark
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