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David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Wed Jul 13 15:18:49 GMT 2005

I don't have time in the next week, but after that I'm happy to assist in 
formatting & 'dumbing down' if others get content together.

I agree - a discussion of things like:
- posts per page (lower is better)
- content on the page (images mainly)
- don't forget the sidebar (generating certain elements could be heavy)
- issues with high-computation plugins (some archive plugins, some of the 
match-and-replace plugins, etc.)
- plugins that enable their own internal caching (some good, like CG-Amazon 
or CG-FeedRead not re-grabbing stuff every pageload, versus some potentially 
'not good', like caching gravatars locally means you take on graphics 
loading you don't need...)
- staticizing/meta-caching plugins (wp-cache for current gen, 
staticize-reloaded for older wp)
... is a good start.

Then there's technical discussions of things like:
- apache, mysql configuration for optimal performance, based on maybe two 
'types' of sites?
- mysql query caching details, implementation approach
- if you own your machine, add more RAM. ;)
- lighttpd, thttpd, in some cases just serving images, in some cases 
replacing apache
... etc.


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> Matthew Mullenweg wrote:
>> Owen Winkler wrote:
>>> http://codex.wordpress.org/User:Ringmaster/WordPress_in_High_Traffic
>> I think it makes sense to put things in order of practicality. It's much 
>> easier to use gzip or install a caching plugin than changing your network 
>> interface or bandwidth peering arrangements. I *seriously* doubt that 
>> anyone who has asked about this in the forums was running into network 
>> card limitations.
> Absolutely true.  I was just making an effort to centralize things rather 
> than leave this whole topic to languish in the mailing list archives.
> Clearly, the configuration issues are more relevant to the questions in 
> the forums.  But nobody's really summarized that too well yet...
> Owen
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