[wordpress] Re: [wp-hackers] Forum post: Huge server hits

Matthew Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Wed Jul 13 06:40:47 GMT 2005

Elliott Bäck wrote:
> I used up 90 GB of bandwidth yesterday:
> 90,000 mb / 24 hours * 1 hr / 60 min * 1 min / 60 s = 1.04 MB/s = 8.33 Mb/s
> That's saturation level on older cards.  Since my machine is a shared 
> host, it was probably getting hammered pretty hard overall...

If you were doing 90 GB of weblog text, it'd be a WP issue, but I'm 
guessing (correct me if I'm wrong) that the bulk of that bandwidth is 
due to multimedia files like the longhorn screenshots you're hosting, 
not gzipped HTML. I would characterize your situation as atypical.

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