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Matthew Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Tue Jul 12 03:01:17 GMT 2005

Owen Winkler wrote:
> Part of the reason why my patches on the permissions stuff is coming so 
> slowly (!!) is because I have to remove the media stuff from the unified 
> diffs that TortoiseSVN makes.  I know I keep promising to send it, but 
> obviously my schedule is a bit clearer this week than it has been for 
> the past few months and there should be goodness.

Good to hear! It doesn't need to boil the ocean, just enough to get 
everyone started using and testing it.

> * Fiddling with the file selection UI, including the option to sandbox a 
> user into their own user-image-upload directory unless they have a 
> permission (see why I like the new capabilities stuff?).

That's probably overkill.

> I finally figured out my sticky issue - how to add children to a post ID 
> that doesn't exist yet.  The solution was one of those thing where I hit 
> my head on the toilet -wham!- and I had the design for the Flux Capacitor.

Feel free to create drafts at will and with reckless abandon, IDs are cheap.

> Another tricky bit is the expando js code.  I need to fire an event to 
> load an iframe either when the box expands (easy) or when the page loads 
> and the cookie says "leave expanded" (not possible with current code).  
> So that change (in the shared dbx lib from brothercake) will be in the 
> diff.

No prob.

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