[wp-hackers] xanga import script

Matthew Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Tue Jul 12 00:30:27 GMT 2005

Jeremy Jay wrote:
>  I wrote this import script a while ago (1.2) used it on mine and a
> couple other friends' sites, and then forgot about it. Recently a
> friend asked if he could use it for his own blog, so I updated it to
> get it to work with  All it does is take a Xanga Premium
> archive file and imports it into WordPress including all the comments
> from the posts as well (unlike from the rss feed)...  I was wondering
> what everyone thought about it or if it there was enough of a need
> to include it with the rest of the import scripts.  The code's kinda
> ugly but it works well.  I can clean it up and submit it if
> someone wants. =)

I've added this to the list of importers for 1.6, so hopefully we can 
get it in:


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