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Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Mon Jul 11 12:24:35 GMT 2005

On Monday, July 11, 2005 "Martin Geisler" <mgeisler at mgeisler.net> wrote:
| I'm curious as to what reasons that might be? Unless you do nothing
| all day but send out birthday cards with funny colored text and happy
| music in the background, then I really don't see what HTML brings you
| except bigger emails and a label as yet another "typical Windows 

strong words Martin!! but I'll still reply.
If you don't know, OE allows you to have multiple email accounts in 2 
ways, either you have multiple email accounts in 1 OE account or you 
have multiple OE accounts with 1 or more email accounts in each of them. 
Now, if I've HTML formatted eMails by default, then this setting applies 
to the whole OE account and all email accounts in that, I don't think 
you can specify different settings for different email accounts in 1 OE 
account. So instead of having multiple OE accounts and switching between 
them for checking different emails, I had 1 OE account with all email 
accounts in it. This also includes my office email account and for which 
I need HTML eMail settings. HTML emails might not be any worth to you 
but they are the only solution if you want to send emails to collegues 
and your boss about different things with highlighted points, emphasised 
points(read points in bold/italics), etc., just basic bold/italics 
formatting that is quite useful.

So HTML emails are not just for "birthday cards with funny colored text 
and happy music in the background". *rolleyes* Infact I don't use OE for 
sending out any B'Day cards at all, that's what the services like Blue 
Mountain, Yahoo! Greetings etc. are for.

But seeing the problems with HTML emails in this list(I think there 
still are some people who use HTML emails to send to this list, I wasn't 
the only one), I've created another OE account with plain-text settings, 
as you can see from this email!!!

Amit Gupta
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