[wp-hackers] User Capabilities

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Sun Jul 10 23:58:48 GMT 2005

Ryan Boren wrote:

>* Registered (Powerless, might be able to create drafts)
>* Writer/Author (Can write and publish posts)
>* Editor (Can edit other people's posts)
>* Administrator (Root)
I think there needs to be two Author roles, one who can publish his own 
posts and one who can't.  Skippy's list (+Contributor) suits me better.

Which role has control of pages?

How will these roles be affected by the 1.5 setting for allowing 
newly-/self-registered users to publish/create drafts?  It seems like it 
would be a good idea instead to use a dropdown to set the default role 
for a newly-/self-registered user, and that role would either have the 
capability to create and/or publish posts or not.

The trick is that unless there is at least a basic role-editing 
interface, there is no way to emulate the "Newly registered members" 
setting in Options | Writing.  That radio group - in parlance of the new 
capabilities stuff - changes the capabilities of the level 0 user, which 
technically doesn't exist any more.  The group could be changed to 
grant/revoke 'edit_posts' and 'publish_posts' on the role selected for 
new registrations, but somehow that doesn't seem like a good idea to me.


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