[wp-hackers] User Capabilities

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Sun Jul 10 13:20:31 GMT 2005

Owen Winkler wrote:

> David House wrote:
>> I'm trying to try this out! What program are you both using to
>> generate your diffs? GNU patch 2.5.9 is erroring on every single hunk;
>> I can't apply that diff.
>> There's no svn subcommand that will apply patches, is there? I don't
>> think svn merge does it.
> Oops.  I think maybe this diff will work better.  (The 
> capabilities.php is the same as the last.)
> I'm using TortoiseSVN on Windows to generate and apply patches.  I 
> hacked up the last one a bit to remove some media functions from the 
> patch and I think I mangled the section for functions.php in the 
> process, but I tried this patch myself on a fresh svn Update and it 
> worked swell.
> I know that command-line svn offers diff output (via svn diff), but I 
> don't see the command to apply a patch from SVN.  Maybe give GNU patch 
> another try with the included diff?

To apply the patch to a svn checkout the command you want is patch 
--dry-run < patch.name

Remove the --dry-run if it applies ok.

I believe svn merge is about merging svn branched back into trunk.


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