[wp-hackers] Re: 500 euros for WP + plugins

Martin Geisler mgeisler at mgeisler.net
Sat Jul 9 14:27:43 GMT 2005

"Amit Gupta" <amit at igeek.info> writes:

> On Fri, 08 Jul 2005 "Firas D." <fd at firasd.org> wrote:
>> Although that part about 'An entire collection of (debugged) third
>> party plugins, all one click installs' does make my stomach churn a
>> wee bit. Which plugins, how debugged, going to share the source..?
> is there any thing in GPL under which he's required to share the
> source if he modifies it?  I don't think so!!  As I understand GPL,
> it states that the person is required to give out the source of the
> application and any changes he makes, but he can do that at his own
> discretion!!  He may agree to provide you the source and not to me,
> that's his choice, but nothing stops you from sharing it with me or
> anyone else, that's GPL's freedom.  So why does it makes your
> stomach churn?

Take a look at the GPL FAQ, especially the question about selling
programs licensed under the GPL:


The crusual point is that the GPL tells you what rights you have to
(re)distribute programs, and a work licensed under the GPL can be
redistributed only under the GPL.

So if Denis' work is a derived work of WordPress, then his Pro theme
must be distributed under the GPL too.  That means that his customers
get the same right: they can distribute the Pro version themselves
under the GPL, and in particular, they are allowed to do so for no
money if they want.

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