[wp-hackers] Plugin: WP-DB-Backup

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Sat Jul 9 00:59:43 GMT 2005

In an effort to lower the bar to participation in the upcoming WordPress 
Backup Bonanza, and to make it as simple as possible -- for as many 
people as possible -- to backup their WordPress data with the minimum 
fuss, I have written wp-db-backup.php.


This plugin borrows heavily from Mark Ghosh's "One Click Backup", which 
in turn borrows from phpMyAdmin and other sources.  I've updated Mark's 
functions to use the $wpdb object instead of the raw mysql_* functions.

== Instructions ==
* Make a directory /wp-content/backup/ and make this directory writable 
by your webserver.
* Install and activate the plugin.
* Navigate to Manage -> Backup.
* Select optional tables, choose your delivery mechanism, and backup.

If you select "email", the dump will be emailed to the admin email account.
If you select "email" or "download", the dump will be deleted after 

This plugin "works for me", but I know it won't work for everyone; so 
I'm actively seeking your help!

* Most notably it lacks sufficient error handling; particularly if the 
database is huge.
** It would be swell if we could detect big tables and automatically 
export them separately, into discrete files.  I don't know if that's 

* I can't figure out how to make the direct download option redirect to 
a clean page after finishing the download.

It's not the world's most elegant plugin, but I think it's a solid start 
to help the casual user backup the WordPress database.  Please feel free 
to reply to me directly off-list if you like.  Feel free also to discuss 
this on-list -- I think the argument could be made that this (or 
something better) has value in the core.

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