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Amit Gupta amit at igeek.info
Tue Jul 5 05:03:29 GMT 2005

----- On July 4th, 2005 wrote "David Chait" <davebytes at comcast.net> -----
> Actually, Robert's original question was ordering the loading/initialization of plugins, and not the order that 
> filters/actions get executed...  Also, if I remember the code, you can actually go outside of (1, 10) bounds 
> with the order/priority param... and the numbers are quite useless with a hundred people writing different 
> plugins, and using the numbers differently (or not at all!).  Gee, sounds like the same problem with user 
> levels. ;) ;)
> Having some control over order of loading (and thus initialization/early-execution) would definitely be a good > thing, and defined by categories (roles!), rather than numeric index.

----- On July 4th, 2005 wrote "Robert Deaton" <false.hopes at gmail.com> -----
> Amit, I do think that plugin authors understand this very well, but this is only true for filters, but what if a
>  plugin was trying to call functions that your plugin needs to have defined before that plugin has been 
> called, thereby creating errors and the like. I think that we don't necessarily need a way for plugins to load 
> before other plugins, but how about a way for plugints to be specified to be loaded later? This way, plugins 
> that have dependancies can take advantage of being loaded later when the independant plugins have 
> already been loaded and their functions will be available. This way, the original plugin authors nor the 
> independant plugin authors have to change the flow of their plugins to make it work.

well, that does make sense now, it can be quite beneficial to have it defined which plugin to load first and which to load later(and last). I guess that I was just not reading it right!!! ;)

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