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Amit Gupta amit at igeek.info
Mon Jul 4 18:33:53 GMT 2005

well, as I know of it, the application orders for the filters are there for the sole purpose of specifying which plugin runs first. Like

add_filter('the_content', 'my_plugin', 1);

this will make my plugin run first, if the sequence order is not specified then its defaulted to the last in the order, 10. I believe this was made so that like you said, plugins that want to stop the execution of other code can run first, and so on. however I don't think that this feature is used optimally by plugin-authors(myself included as I had my syntax hiliting plugin running at #1 in first versions, but now I've 2 filters at #3 & #4).

so IMHO, plugin authors need to understand that and use it, instead of just whipping up a quick hack. for that I think that there should be a page at the Codex stating the basic essential guidelines that the plugins must follow. though I know it can't be controlled, but to some extent it can be controlled. As wp-plugins.org is under control of WP, I suggest that it should be mandatory for all plugins listed there to follow the basic essential guidelines.

just my $0.02

Amit Gupta

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Wouldn't it be easiest (and completely under your control) to have all the sub-plugins register off a custom message/action (init_any_blah_plugins), and then have the 'master' register for the plugins_loaded action, and when that gets hit do_action(init_any_blah_plugins)?
I agree that some priority ordering would be nice -- i.e., CG-Referrer would love to run first, as it may potentially 'bounce' access, and thus would like to short-circuit other plugin code loading.  Unfortunately, then EVERYONE fights for who really needs to run first. ;)  we might need 'classes' of plugins, so that things that want to prevent other code execution can run first, things that control secondary code loading/execution (chaining, whatever) run second, and 'normal' plugins can run third (oh, and 'late' plugins run fourth, as there's a class of things that want to run after all other plugins have hooked in...).  But this goes both for initial loading and hooking off of plugins_loaded...
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