[wp-hackers] Plugin deactivation

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Mon Jul 4 16:16:55 GMT 2005

Wouldn't it be easiest (and completely under your control) to have all the sub-plugins register off a custom message/action (init_any_blah_plugins), and then have the 'master' register for the plugins_loaded action, and when that gets hit do_action(init_any_blah_plugins)?

I agree that some priority ordering would be nice -- i.e., CG-Referrer would love to run first, as it may potentially 'bounce' access, and thus would like to short-circuit other plugin code loading.  Unfortunately, then EVERYONE fights for who really needs to run first. ;)  we might need 'classes' of plugins, so that things that want to prevent other code execution can run first, things that control secondary code loading/execution (chaining, whatever) run second, and 'normal' plugins can run third (oh, and 'late' plugins run fourth, as there's a class of things that want to run after all other plugins have hooked in...).  But this goes both for initial loading and hooking off of plugins_loaded...


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  While on the topic of plugins and dependancy plugins, is there any chance that we can add a priority hook for plugins, so that plugins that may or will have plugins that depend upon it can ensure that they are loaded first, or at the very least that the dependancies can specify to be loaded later on, this way no fancy hooking around init or the like is required like I've been hacking to do in 1.5.
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