[wp-hackers] Overriding get_posts() behaviour

Christian Aust christian at wilde-welt.de
Sun Jul 3 12:41:10 GMT 2005

Hi Denis,

I'm planning to use jakarta Lucene for creating the index and 
performing the search. I'm well aware that starting a Java runtime for 
every search request might not be feasible for each and every wordpress 
user, however it is for me, so I'd like to give it a try.

Assuming that it might be possible to reduce the overhead of starting a 
new runtime every time, lucene is so much more powerful than anything 
else freely available for searching. The list of features includes:

* weighted indexing and searching
* relevance calculation
* boolean term conjunction
* multiple index segments
* capable of indexing millions of 'documents'
* language-dependend stemming

I've used it for some Java projects, so I'd like to give it a try for 
WP, too. Best regards,

-  Christian

Am 03.07.2005 um 12:28 schrieb Denis de Bernardy:

> Hi Christian,
> Maybe you'd like to merge your search plugin with mine.
> http://www.semiologic.com/projects/search-reloaded/
> Else, it might be helpful in using the right hooks. In particular, 
> there is
> a the_posts hook, in particular, that you can catch immediately before 
> the
> wp_query returns its results.
> D.--

Christian Aust
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