[wp-hackers] Overriding get_posts() behaviour

Christian Aust christian at wilde-welt.de
Sun Jul 3 08:39:57 GMT 2005


I'm working on a more powerful search plugin. AFAIK I'd have to 
implement an action 'parse_query' to do the parameter stuff, after 
which get_posts() is called. That's where my plugin should step in an 
provide a list of posts that match the criteria. Unfortunately, there 
isn't any action hook to implement a special get_posts() behaviour 
which would allow me to retrieve a set of post IDs directly from 
get_posts(). There's only one parameter 'p' allowed, not an array of 

I'd like that plugin to be as unobtrusive as possible, allowing to use 
standard and extended search happily together. Any ideas what I could 
do? Best regards,

-  Christian


Christian Aust
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