[wp-hackers] User Capabilities

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Fri Jul 1 19:18:34 GMT 2005

There obviously would be a need for some plugins to possibly be 
available/work for editors/users, while others would be reserved for pure 
top-level Admins.  So there might need to be some other roles defined that 
help better for plugins that say show statistics (referrers/stats), or 
anti-spam stuff, etc.  As well as say a database backup/restore plugin.

Also, can we differentiate visitor (unregistered) vs subscriber 

And I assume admin panels would potentially then depend on what roles you 
have?  Might need some extra roles as above to help break down what kind of 
administrative tasks are outside the norm.

There should also always be an Admin 'meta role' that doesn't need explicit 
definition of every possible access -- rather, it should be inherently 
all-access.  God forbid we start having plugins that create new access 
roles, there should always be an administrator role that can access 
everything, period. ;)


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> Yeah, we'll need stuff like this for backwards compat.  One specific
> instance is plugins adding new admin menus.   They currently specify a
> user level.  They need to specify capabilities instead.  To illustrate,
> here's how the theme menu is currently constructed in menu.php.

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