[wp-hackers] Tags in 2.0

Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Thu Dec 15 13:43:28 GMT 2005

_____/ On Thu 15 Dec 2005 10:23:08 GMT, [Nik Cubrilovic] wrote : \_____

> On 15/12/05, ifelse <wordswithstyle at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > "will there be a standard spell checker included in base"
>>  Why incorporate something into the base:
>>  a) which a lot of people won't use
>>  b) not everyone can use
>>  c) is easily, readily available as a plugin
>>  d) is bulky
>>  A external and often extraneous feature such as a spellchecker is better
>> suited as a plugin rather than as a core feature.
> Yes, and I asked if there is one that works with 2.0. The other reason
> should be that doing multi-lingual spell-checking isn't simple and the
> whole world doesn't speak just English. Installing a browser plugin
> for me is easy you see, but I install at least one Wordpress blog a
> week for various friends and people and I get the same request each
> time - spellcheck.

Have a look at: http://spellbound.sourceforge.net/screenshots

It should be capable of handling multiple languages depending on what dic-
tionaries you have installed.

Also have a look at htmlarea: http://sf.net/projects/itools-htmlarea/

Its  latest and heaviest version has spellcheking capabilities, which  can
in principle be re-used/grafted.

For  some  reason, I believe I once saw a spellchcker in TinyMCE. I  can't
find that in WordPress 2.0 RC2 though.

> As for tagging, I was referring to writting a plugin, I didn't make
> that clear. I asked if this had been done or if there was any form of
> tagging plugin for 2.0 as my search for one was fruitless.

2.0  is  not out yet. There are several such plug-ins for 1.5; they  might
already  be  compatible with 2.0. If not, the authors will probably  adapt
them accordingly when a public beta is out, just before 'rush time'.

> Why is
> having a simple rel drop-down for content links confusing, but when
> adding an ordinary link it is not (especially since the ordinary link
> options are long and exhaustive)?

Someone  whom I taught how to use WordPress found it difficult understand-
ing  the difference between the address and the anchor text (he is  almost
80  if that adds something). He still can't figure out why you would  need
both. Add yet another such complexity to the core and users will be scared
to add links. I definitely agree that such a plug-in is worthwhile.

Best wises,


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