[wp-hackers] Need ideas/approaches to a tricky 'redirect' problem...

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Thu Dec 8 06:10:55 GMT 2005

I'm looking for some advice on relocating (and 'splitting') CHAITGEAR from 
chait.net to chaitgear.com, and keeping/transferring pagerank of course!  My 
needs go well beyond any 'guide' or plugin I've seen, could use some advice. 
Figure I'll just point folks to the forum post I made, as it might be useful 
to others -- better to archive possible guidance there rather than here in 
the list. ;) ;)

Post is:

Any and all help would be much appreciated -- this is a BIG next step for 
me, TWO years after my initial launch, and is finally going to mean my 
shifting from a heavily-hacked 1.0a codebase to a (hopefully) mostly 
plugin-driven 1.5.x site.  And I can 'reclaim' chait.net for my 
coding/consulting work!  Yay! ;)

Thanks all!


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