[theme-reviewers] Alternative to eval()

Rahul Bansal rahul.bansal at rtcamp.com
Thu Apr 28 11:58:01 UTC 2011

Hi All,

In next theme, we are preparing for open-source release, we want to provide
a "hooks-editor" interface.

Like many pro themes, we have added a lot of custom action & filter hooks in
our theme code base.
In admin area, we plan to provide list of hooks, each coupled with a
textarea, which can be used to post php-html codes in them (like

Now, to "execute" action handlers in textarea, we need to use eval()
function in PHP which is prohibited here.

So what are my alternatives here?

Just a note - we do not want to provide custom.css and/or
custom-functions.php files (like thesis provides) as they are hard to
maintain in multisite environment.
Also child-theme support is not yet present on repo so creating child themes
with style.css & function.php (to declare action handlers) is not feasible
either at this stage.

Please suggest something.

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